We hired Steve for a number of projects around our home. Most recently, he built me a custom made island for our kitchen. He completed the job timely and finished slightly under budget.
My wife loves the island, happy wife happy life! Steve was easily accessible and very responsive to the questions and various change orders we put it. Customer service is clearly a priority for Steve, so we will be using him again. He also did a great job on our crown molding too!
— Russell Petak

Steve was the most responsive, helpful and supportive of the various contractors I had to hire in order to address all wood-related issues raised in a buyer’s home inspection during the sale of my 150+ year-old wooden home. Under tight timelines he fixed everything that needed to be fixed with excellent craftsmanship, always trying to keep my cost as low as reasonably possible without jeopardizing the quality of the end result. In addition, Steve wrote expert statements that enabled me to successfully argue that several “issues” raised in the inspection report were testimony to the home inspector’s lack of knowledge about older homes rather than true structural problems. It was a pleasure working with Steve and in case of need I would contract him again in a heartbeat!
— Michael Waller

Steve has worked with me on my 1850’s farmhouse for several years now restoring and repairing it. We started with a basic bathroom renovation which expanded dramatically as his creativity and talent inspired my own design hopes. He is a Master Carpenter; he has the skills and knowledge to back it up and proves it with every challenge I’ve presented him with. Steve has studied the finest elements of the trade and appreciates traditional practices, rather than applying a “slap-dash” approach to a project. In short, his work meets my very high standards time after time.

In brief, his scope extends beyond advanced carpentry: He has,
• Cut and installed delicate glass and Cararra tile perfectly
• Consulted on the importation of an antique leaded-glass door, totally refurbished it and designed its unique installation
• Pickled a disaster of a floor by hand
• Milled custom replacement parts for the decorative columns around my property
• Turned a flat roof into an outdoor gathering space with a custom handmade door and set of stairs, no-maintenance railings and teak flooring
• Restored exposed hand-hewn chestnut beams in the house
• Discovered and repointed an antique brick chimney that is now a focal point of two rooms
• And reworked yet another bathroom on a dime!
I could go on.... My point is that he is not your “average” contractor. (He also works well with all necessary trades and has great contacts.)

I have found Steve to always be responsive and communicate clearly in every manner. His billing was perfectly timely and orderly. Importantly, of course, I believe his pricing is fair. He is registered with the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs and is insured (I checked all this). But he is just a good, honest, neighborly guy.

When you are fortunate enough to find a talented tradesman like Steve, you hold on to him! And who am I to know? I am a Wharton grad; used to co-own a real estate management company on L.I.; was the Senior Management Accountant for Hines/Morgan Stanley’s Times Square properties; and the Asset Mgr/Analyst Hines/CalPers. My point is that I have a TON of experience with real estate contractors!

You would be crazy not to hire All Square Carpentry. But that’s okay if don’t. More time for him to work on my property! ;-)
— Kathleen Styles

Mr. Rodemer’s personal experiences in contracting and building have given him the ability to be insightful and instrumental in evaluating the work objectively. He has a good sense of humor that makes him pleasant to work with and his accessibility for further questions and comments was comforting as we move forward.
— Round Valley United Methodist Church of Lebanon, Lebanon, NJ
On Behalf of my wife and I, I wanted to thank you for a great job on our custom built pantry shelves and the new nook in the kitchen for the new appliances (plus beautiful crown molding around the kitchen). We both appreciate the professional job you did.
— John & Claudia, Califon, NJ

Mr. Rodemer’s Thank you for the work you did recently at our home. The basement was finished on time and within budget. My wife and I are extremely pleased with the results. More importantly, my three children are enjoying it every day.
— Edward & Renee, Pittstown, NJ

I have been impressed with All Square Carpentry’s commitment to establishing a long term relationship. Steve has been extremely responsive and flexible and in designing the solutions to our problems that work best for our budget and timing.
— Michael, Ringoes, NJ

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